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A site for making new friends with like minded and liberal minded people around the world. We turn no one away from Naturist to Swinging, Adult businesses to Swingers Clubs, or just Liberal minded people and couples who are out to have a good time and be a little naughty. A website for a better way of life and without the restrictions other social medial sites impose on us!

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Find Swingers, Liberal Minded People & Naturists on Liberated Monkeys

What we are trying to do? - What is it about?

Liberated Monkeys (originally called "Almeria Social") was started during 2018 as a result of being continually asked if there was a local website in Vera Playa, Spain that naturists or swingers could post freely on and stay in touch.

Personally we and many others were also frustrated with the many "swingers websites" out there, that are either very dated, expensive, scam dating sites or put income before building a good and usable web site. There were no good naturist sites at all...
We felt we could do much better and at the same time make it TOTALLY FREE AND WITH NO PREMIUM CONTENT, making a site for liberal minded people, by liberal minded people and a site that we would like to use our self.

SO... we decided to start Liberated Monkeys; A site for swingers, naturists and liberally minded people to make friends, stay in contact or arrange meetings in person.

The site allows naked & X-rated photos- think Facebook on steroids! It's about fun, freedom to choose how we live, privacy (out of sight of "others") and most importantly friendship, meeting others, keeping in touch and a place we can be ourselves without judgment. Mild or Wild!

The Future:

This website is stil in early days although people are using all our features, posting timeline messages, making friends, chatting, starting groups, arranging meet-ups and generally having some fun! Swingers Clubs and other related businesses are also using this site to list their clubs and businesses, to help them keep in touch with their members. Remember our slogan is 'Mild or Wild!'
We continue to work on this site, while listening to our users and will be adding in new features all the time. Some features we already have plans for, other features, changes and tweaks will be decided on by your opinions, how members use the site and by what members want to see. So please do feel free to give us your opinions and let us know if we've missed something or something isn't working as it should.