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Freedom and Liberal life makes Denmark a great country to be Swingers in

Denmark Swingers

Swinging in Denmark has for many become a new way of life. The freedom and liberation, along with total honesty amongst couples is making it even more popular.
It’s proven that couples are not jealous of each other’s sexual attractions or desires, and are more than happy to share each other.
Swinging can also help a marriage, and reduce the rate of divorces.
The Danish are more than getting into the lifestyle, and soon realizing they love the lifestyle. It has also been said that after swinging their love for each other only gets stronger!

It is estimated that there are over 90,000 swingers in Denmark (source https://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/10335704/Denmark-land-of-the-swingers.html).

Denmark & Hot Wives

Hot wives has taken off in the last few years – example - A Hot Wife is a usually a married woman whose husband gives permission to have sex with other men, or multiple men at the same time. The husband may also join in or watch.
Its proven that women can have sex much longer than a man, and have multiple orgasms, and the more sex they have the more turned on and satisfied they become. In general men can have 1 orgasm (in most men), and this will please his woman/wife.
It has now been identified that men have recognised that their woman could also have kept going and continued to have orgasm after orgasm.

Swingers Clubs in Denmark

In the past few years there are swingers and sex clubs opening all over the Denmark.
It’s estimated that there are approximately 24 swingers clubs in Denmark, with more opening up all the time.

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