My first experience of naturism was way back in 1989 when I stumbled across the nude beach in Brighton, couldn't believe what I was seeing! Didn't strip off at the time because I was very shy. Kinda left it behind for a few years after that as London isn't the best place for a single male nudist, local clubs can (and do) discriminate heavily against single males which I think is really sad, we are not all perverts!

I came to VP in early 2014 and was astonished to find so many people enjoying not only the beach but the surrounding area as nature intended. I love the place and would 100% recommend it to anyone - seasoned naturists and newbies alike as there is no pressure, no discrimination and no judgement. I have been here 4 times since then and am looking forward to my 5th visit in June next year. The feeling of freedom while there is absolutely amazing :)

Answered on: Sun 4th Nov 2018