Naturism for me started on a nude beach somewhere on the west coast of France back in the early 70s, little did I know the impact of that day would have and now some almost 50 years later I/we live a naturist lifestyle 24/7 on the wonderful island of Lanzarote Canary Islands.
Because of that beach I went home and with my partner at the time joined a wonderful naturist club in Norfolk called Broadlands, its still there going from strength to strength, its also where I met my wife.
She in fact became a naturist at 14 having been asked by her boyfriends parents if she would like to visit so you could say its in our blood.
If naturism has a drawback its that when you go on holiday you always pick a nude destination and that always comes with a premium but its what we love and will continue till we leave this world.
Naturism is a way of life, it has a freedom that looks through what is on the outside, you could be a bank manager, teacher or judge but without the clothing everyone is equal and that to me sums up this wonderful crazy lifestyle.

Answered on: Tue 4th Dec 2018