A number of years ago we were members of a naturist club in Norfolk called Merryhill and during our time there they had a guy from H & E turn up to do an article about the place and to get pictures etc. He also brought along a model to help with the eye candy if you like.
During the photo shoot he discovered that my wife was a line dance teacher and along with a friend plus model dressed in just a Stetson hat and boots nothing else had a fantastic picture taken.
The picture did make the inside cover of H & E and we thought no more of it.
About 4 years later we are living and working in Australia and one weekend visit a naturist club south of Sydney, much to our surprise when looking around the clubhouse with the owner we come across a huge copy of the picture taken in Norfolk, when the owner asked why we were taking so much notice he then twigged that it was my wife on the picture. Somehow the picture had been sold to an Australian Sun club magazine and won the yearly photographic competition in Australia.
We went back a number of years later and its still on the wall!!

Answered on: Tue 4th Dec 2018