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You can delete your own account by going to your Privacy Settings here. This will delete ALL information we hold on you and CANNOT be undone!.
If you message us asking for your account to be deleted, we will IGNORE your message, as you MUST delete your own account.


NO! we cannot reset your password nor tell you what it is (we do not know what your password is either!).
However you can reset your own password here
if you message use with requests to reset your password will be ignored!


If you can not remember what your own email address or user name is, we cannot help you, as this is the only way we can identify you.
Messages asking what your email or user name is, will be ignored, as we do not know the answer either....


All emails we send have a link on them to change your email preferences. You can change your email preferences here Privacy Settings
If you cannot login to change these settings, please see the above questions. Messages asking to unsubscribe will be ignored, as you are NOT subscribed to anything. You are receiving emails because you joined this site and we are sending you emails based on your email preferences. Some of these emails are legally required to be sent to you, so only you can opt in/out of receiving them!

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